By Anne Thompson, President HCA

Cleaning philosophy states that there are three types of cleaning solutions:

  • Alkaline Solutions
  • Acid Solutions
  • Solvent Solutions

Mild Alkaline Solutions


Oil such as Fingerprints, grease, grime etc.
Stove top, walls, appliances, ovens
Acid cleaning Solutions
Toilet bowls, rings, hard water deposits etc.
Toilets, Glass, sinks, tile
Removes water deposits
Solvent Cleaning Solutions
Gum, shoe marks, crayon etc.
Floors, walls, doors, baseboards etc.
Safe to use, however, check first in a hidden area if it can be used on the surface you are working on
Glass & Hard Surfaces
Windows, mirrors, appliances, other surfaces but do not use on chrome
Kitchen, Bathroom,
Does not streak

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