We used to lament about the lemmings . . . that was before we developed a taste for them.

Lacking barriers to entry, the maid service industry attracts anyone with enough money to buy an e-book, a bucket, and a vacuum. We once resented Competitor’s low prices. Then we came to realize that, for an independent maid service company like ours, the situation presents a host of “marketing” opportunities.

Each Competitor gathers four or forty customers before simply abandoning them upon their exit. What a waste! If you are an independent maid service with the flexibility to operate however you please, offer any Competitor upon their departure a single rose for their customers. Don’t worry, you’ll encounter no business broker there with a bouquet. As your Competitor protests and extols, keep in mind that: 1) their options at this point are limited; 2) had their prices been higher, or service better, they wouldn’t be departing; and 3) converting the accounts will involve risks. Repeat your offer to Competitors one after the other, and from time to time you’re sure to encounter takers. Price and structure the transactions properly and you can, by this method, meaningfully supplement your growth.

So, if you are a new maid service company in Denver, Boulder, Evergreen, or Parker, we want to be the first to welcome you. Please phone if ever we can be of service.

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