Professionally dust

By Anne Thompson, President HCA

How to Professionally dust



1 Clean Tray (see “How to Set Up and Use a Tray)

Clean Rags

1 Bottle of Furniture Polish/Oil

1 Pair of Knee Pads

1 Whisk Broom

1 Long Duster (for high to reach places)

1 Small Feather Duster (for hard to reach areas)

1 Lint Brush (for pet hair)

1 Bottle of Glass Cleaner

1 Bottle of Degreaser(mild alkaline solution)

1 Bottle of Disinfectant

1 Sponge (with blue scrubber, the green one will scratch. (for dirty baseboards

The key here is to straighten things out, fluff things up and make things look
pretty. Look up and look down. If fingers have RESIDUE OF OIL on them, wipe
them clean to prevent leaving smudges on surfaces. DO NOT slide an item but do
LIFT items up. This will prevent surfaces from being scratched. HOWEVER, if
something looks like an accident waiting to happen DO NOT TOUCH IT!!!


Use your long duster and go along high area, especially corners.

Free of fingerprints and dust

Doors, doorways and light switches and baseboards

Check for fingerprints and cobwebs. Use degreaser/ mild alkaline
solution on a cloth to wipe fingerprints. Wash door handle/switches with

Free from spots and dust

Picture Frames

Check for spots on the glass and frame. If needed, use a damp
cloth to wipe glass and frame off. Otherwise, dusting it off will be enough.
NEVER, spray directly on the frame. The cleanser can run and go underneath the
glass and ruin the picture.


Light fixtures and bulbs

Damp wipe lamps and light bulbs. Make sure light bulbs are COLD


Lamp shades

Vacuum off with attachment from upright or canister/backpack
vacuum or use a cloth to dust if off if this is a repeat visit.

Free from dust and cobwebs

Dressing table

Dust from mirror top, front and back, shelf surface and outside
drawers. Lift off all items and damp wipe or if it is safe, use furniture
polish. Dust legs and fronts of drawers so free from finger marks. Ensure
handles hanging correctly. Wipe all the items off that were on the dressing

All surfaces free from dust, sticky marks and finger marks.


As for dressing table, ensuring all low edges, particularly at
bed side and behind are clean.

As above

Coffee Table

Same as dressing table, without mirror. If it is a glass coffee
table every other visit wipe underneath the glass. Clean the legs of the table


Chest of drawers

Wipe top, sides and front and polish with damp cloth. If safe
use furniture polish/oil. Glass tops to be treated as for that on dressing
table. Wipe everything down that is on the dresser

Free from dust, finger marks and stains.


Use damp cloth to wipe the front, also wipe sides and back

Free from dust and sticky marks


Damp wipe all parts of using disinfectant and damp wipe all
parts of dial apparatus and polish dry.



Using long duster dust all chandelier arms and bulbs

Dust free chandelier

Waste bins

Wash inside and outside with disinfectant/sponge, scrub off
stubborn stains. Dry and replace the garbage bag.

Free from stickiness and garbage

Couch, loveseats, recliners

Lift cushions and make sure it is cleaned underneath. Put some
weight on the couch and put your hand further into the groove to get all the
dirt out. If needed use Lint brush or vacuum off pet hair. Turn cushions over
to promote more even ware.

Free from dirt

Book shelves

Use damp cloth and dust books off wipe top and side of book

Free from fingerprints, dust and cobwebs

Dining room table top and bottom

If it is high gloss finish, DO NOT use polish, use a dustfree
cloth. Lift everything off, wipe items down put them back. If it is not high
gloss, use polish. Wipe bottom and legs of table

Free from fingerprints and dust


Use damp cloth and wipe back of chair, use the cloth or lint
brush and wipe seat down. Also wipe legs down.

Same as above


Wipe top, front, and side off.

Same as above

Bed frames

With a damp cloth, wipe headboard off and at the foot of the bed

Same as above

Window frame and window sill

With degreaser, mildalkaline solution go around inside of window
frame, and outside and wipe window sill

Free from fingerprints and dust and cobwebs


Use glass cleaner and wipe inside of window

Same as above

Curtain and curtain rods

Dust with duster

Free from cobwebs


Use damp cloth and wipe the outside, then open blinds, turn the
slats and wipe that side

Free from fingerprints, dust and cobwebs


NEVER use polish or harsh chemicals on a piano. Usually the
customer has a special cloth that has to be used. Ask them. Clean the PIANO
KEYS with adamp cloth

Free from fingerprints

Electrical Cords

Lift them off the ground and wipe cords off with degreaser/mild
alkaline solution

Free from dust and sticky stuff

Heater/Exhaust vents

Use attachment and vacuum it out. If needed wipe with wet cloth
or use whisk broom

Same as above


With damp cloth dust them off

Free from dust and cobwebs

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