Over The Phone Consulting


If you're looking for immediate, on the spot advice we do offer over the phone consulting. This can range from customer issues, pricing strategy's, to employee training help. Calling is definitely the quickest way to get your questions answered and to get the coaching you need. Call now at 303-935-5215and have your questions ready to be answered.

On Site Consulting


On site visits can be the most beneficial to your business. We can personally visit your location and give you the attention and advice that you need. This is the best way for us to identify areas of growth with your operations, pricing, systems, and employees. Call us at 303-935-5215to set up an appointment for us to visit your location.

Tours for Owners


Another option is to tour our location. Come see how we have built up our own successful cleaning company and how 5280 House Cleaning operates on a daily basis. Seeing the ins and outs of the business that we built can help spark your own ideas on making yours equally successful. Call 303-935-5215to schedule a time to tour our business today.