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If you’re a local house cleaning company, you’ve got some important advantages over your local franchise competitors. Although you may think the deck is stacked against you in terms of marketing, the benefits of not being a franchise may outweigh the marketing advantages enjoyed by your closest franchise friends.

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By Chris Lude
President of Ripple Applications

Failed Internet Marketing Strategies

If your website fails to generate leads, then you’re not alone, because for most small businesses, a lack of website traffic results in no ranking by search engines. And without search engine recognition, a website cannot begin to generate new traffic from internet searches.

When there is no traffic to your website, you’ll find it difficult to justify investing in a new design. But without a nice design, the few visitors who may somehow happen upon your website won’t waste a second look. And this is the typical quandary faced by small service providers who dabble in internet marketing.

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By Hanna Loberg
President of Denver Concierge

Buyer’s remorse is served with a lemon twist for professional house cleaners, so a little common sense when dusting can go such a happy long way. Some of our most expensive dusting moments have been those during which we were making a special effort, because most often, it’s not about the table tops. For example, the risk / reward associated with taking apart light fixtures for cleaning is absolutely horrific. So the general rule for those cleaning details with which our cleaners have had little practice must be to leave such tasks to the wealthier novices, or their husbands.

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The Google Adwords Jumpstart

It looked so inviting, the Google Adwords Jumpstart. We just had to try it. What did we have to lose, except for the $299?

We decided to give them a really hard one to set up, house cleaning services for a little community located just outside a major metro area.

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I found the last 15 days of preparation and the first 30 days of operations the toughest in the entire undertaking of starting my own business. I had put off a lot of last minute details, which, added to the details I did not account for, made for some pretty late nights before start-up.

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My Cleaning Service was created when I was looking for a personal cleaning service for my own home. After spending a lot of time calling around, I found that besides the major franchises, the majority of cleaning services in my area were “referral services” which means that the cleaners are independent contractors (usually not licensed, bonded, insured or supervised).

I was looking for a service that could do more then “surface clean” my own home. I wanted a service that paid attention to the details like cleaning inside the microwave, around the back of the toilet and put things back in their place after they finished dusting them. I also wanted a maid that came to my house on time, properly dressed and someone I was able to communicate with.

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When it Comes to Vacuuming, HCA Promotes Responsible Filtering
(but this HEPA issue is misconstrued)

Micro filters provide filtration efficiency of 99.73% for particles .3 microns and larger, as compared to HEPA filters which can cost 25 times as much and have a filtration efficiency of 99.97% for particles .3 microns and larger. HEPA filters are great for critical clean room facilities which manufacture microchips and some types of medical supplies. But such facilities are equipped with systems for filtering facility air intakes and have airlock chambers at all entries.

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