When it Comes to Vacuuming, HCA Promotes Responsible Filtering
(but this HEPA issue is misconstrued)

Micro filters provide filtration efficiency of 99.73% for particles .3 microns and larger, as compared to HEPA filters which can cost 25 times as much and have a filtration efficiency of 99.97% for particles .3 microns and larger. HEPA filters are great for critical clean room facilities which manufacture microchips and some types of medical supplies. But such facilities are equipped with systems for filtering facility air intakes and have airlock chambers at all entries.

We find it difficult to believe that air purity within a client’s home is improved by using a HEPA filter in combination with a shake-out bag or dust cup, or claiming that a HEPA filter can be effective as a washable filter. Such products result from the compromises manufacturers make to write HEPA on a product without biting the bullet of including replaceable HEPA filters in the vacuums. Micro-filters are exceptionally efficient, yet affordable enough to change frequently. And changing the filters frequently will contribute more to air quality than the marginal difference of .27% filtering efficiency.

If you are allergy-prone and want the most effective clean filtering, use vacuums with micro filters, and change the filters frequently.

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