My Cleaning Service was created when I was looking for a personal cleaning service for my own home. After spending a lot of time calling around, I found that besides the major franchises, the majority of cleaning services in my area were “referral services” which means that the cleaners are independent contractors (usually not licensed, bonded, insured or supervised).

I was looking for a service that could do more then “surface clean” my own home. I wanted a service that paid attention to the details like cleaning inside the microwave, around the back of the toilet and put things back in their place after they finished dusting them. I also wanted a maid that came to my house on time, properly dressed and someone I was able to communicate with.

After some long searching, I was unable to find any services that met my high standards. For years I have run other companies successfully and know the value of customer service and the importance of doing it right. So in December of 2004, I left the company I was working for (with about $30k in the bank from a recent condo I sold) and started researching what it would take to start my own cleaning service.

After researching the web for a while, I came across Denver Concierge and what used to be the House Cleaning Association. They had a bulletin board where I posted questions to others that had started cleaning services and got back all kinds of advice and tips. Keep in mind; although I had started and successfully run other companies, I knew nothing about the cleaning industry. I probably spent a good part of a month researching other companies in my area and in other areas of the country, talking with people from the House Cleaning Association website and getting advice from people at Denver Concierge.

I knew that I wanted to start a business that would be larger then most in my area (that has 2 or 3 employees). I wanted to build a name that people would eventually recognize in my area. With that in mind, I put together a website (that was purchased from the House Cleaning Association), hired a graphic designer that put together a great logo, some business cards, letterhead, flyers and marketing material. Within 2 days of my website being up, I had my first client (scheduled cleaning January 2, 2005).

There have been many mistakes that I have made (most of which I should have listened to my mentors from the bulletin board) and I have made many successful decisions as well. I became profitable in May of this year (only 5 months into business). It wasn’t much of a profit but at least now I am making more then I am spending in a given month. This is after purchasing all new equipment (vacuums, etc), having enough inventory supply to last about 2-3 months at any given time. I leased 3 new vehicles (which I also use as advertising) and now have 8 cleaners on staff.

All of my cleaners are bonded, insured and supervised by me. I work with my clients to create a personalized cleaning plan that will not only meet but exceed their expectations. I think it’s time that my area had a premier cleaning service / maid service that not only took care of the details but was also affordable. Unlike most of the other companies in my area, I provided a 100% satisfaction guaranteed to my clients.

If you have questions about starting up, hiring employees (including creative legal ways to afford workers comp), advertising, or just want to hear more about my process over the past 7 months, I would be happy to help you out.

Jack George

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