If you’re a local house cleaning company, you’ve got some important advantages over your local franchise competitors. Although you may think the deck is stacked against you in terms of marketing, the benefits of not being a franchise may outweigh the marketing advantages enjoyed by your closest franchise friends.

 The only question may be: “Do you have the marketing savvy to exploit that advantage?”

One advantage you don’t have on the franchises, is information; the franchises have the dirt on what’s working nationally and you don’t. Those franchises which are applying Adwords nationally have budgets of over $500 per major market area x over 100 markets for an estimated total Adwords budget of over $50,000 per month. Let’s compare that to say, Denver Concierge, the largest independent house cleaning company in the US. It has a budget of say, $1,500 per month. While an Adwords budget of that size allows Denver Concierge to kick some Adwords can in its local market, its learning curve is obviously flatter, and statistical data much thinner, than that of the national franchise companies. For example, if you spent $50,000 per month in Google advertising dollars, you would then know which of the following words tend to result in a higher click thru rate, right?

  • Thorough
  • Dependable
  • Careful
  • Affordable

As most of you already know, HCA manages Google Adwords campaigns for local house cleaning companies. If you add up the total ad budgets of all HCA’s Adwords customers for a month, we’re still short of $50,000 in monthly ad spending, but we’re gaining on the franchising rascals. In fact, based on our latest competitor analysis, HCA may now rank fifth nationally in Adwords management among actual service providers, and the more accounts we manage, the smarter we become about what works best.

In case you were wondering, the phrase, “Not a franchise!” beats all of the above four keywords in terms of click thru rates. You have it all figured out now? Next question: “Which word results in a higher conversion rate?” MaidPro knows the answer. Do you?

With respect to HCA’s management of Adwords for house cleaning companies, there are no secrets involved; our Adwords management is a cards on the table deal. That means, we’ll actually show you how to do it. With our accounts, there is no minimum contract. You can hire us to put together your campaign for you, and then if you wish to take it over yourself after just a month or two, no problem. Also, some of our customers like to dabble in the management of their Adwords, while giving us primary responsibility for it, sort of as a learning experience. So, that’s an option too. If you are advertising your house cleaning company on Adwords, happy hunting! If you’re not, you should call us: 303-975-2810.

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