Professionally Clean a Bathroom
Showers, Counters, Floors, etc. that have special stone such as MARBLE, GRANITE,
LIMESTONE etc. have product in tray recommended by the manufacture

How to Professionally clean a Bathroom



1 Clean tray (see “How to Set up and Use a Cleaning Tray)

Showers, Counters, Floors, etc. that have special stone such as MARBLE, GRANITE,
LIMESTONE etc. have product in tray recommended by the manufacture

Clean rags

1 Toilet Bowl Brush

1 Toilet Bowl Brush Holder

1 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

1 Bottle of Disinfectant

1 Sponge (with blue scrubber) the green one will scratch

1 Bottle with foam nozzle of acid cleaning solution (DO NOT USE ON MARBLE)

1 Bottle of glass cleaner

1 Grout brush for crevices

1 Bottle of degreaser, mild alkaline solution (see Basic Chemical Categories)

1 Bottle of oil (for oiling cupboards)

1 Bottle of Soft Scrub with Bleach (DO NOT USE ON MARBLE)

1 Pair of Knee Pads

Use your long duster and go along high area,
especially corners
Doors, doorways and light switches
Check for fingerprints and cobwebs. Use degreaser/ mild
alkaline solution on a cloth to wipe fingerprints. Wash door handle/switches
with disinfectant
Free of fingerprints and dust
Towel Rack
Wipe with damp cloth and dust and fingerprints
of towel rack and fold towels nicely
Bathtub/shower curtain/glass doors or jacuzy tub and work your way to the right. DO NOT backtrack. It will safe time. Work from TOP to BOTTOM Get in the habit of putting a cloth underneath your tray It will prevent any staining of the floor
Shower Curtain Remove from inside of bathtub, shake to remove any loose hair.
Check free from stains, smells, mildews. If needed ask client if it can be
washed in the washing machine
Free from stains and mildew
Shower Head Spray with degreaser/mild alkaline solution, wash with wet
sponge, dry and polish
Rubber Mat (if there is one) Remove from bath and dry completely, scrub with a degreaser/ mild solvent cleaning solution to prevent mold. When done dry it and hang it over the bathtub Dry and free from stains/mold
Tile/Stone Decide which chemical is needed and spray it. Wash with sponge (if it is soft stone, get a new sponge so that harsh chemicals do not get onto a surface that can be damaged) Dry and polish up with clean cloth. High tiles to be washed, dried and polished up every 6 weeks.If needed, use grout tile brush on grout to remove mildew etc.  


Polished, free from stains and any grimy build up.
Soap Dish Remove soap bar and put it on a cleaning cloth. Spray soap degreaser/solvent cleaning solution, wash with sponge inside, sides and UNDERNEATH, dry and polish up. Put soap bar back upside down to allow it to dry. Polished
Bathtub Kneel inside the tub at the end away from the drain. Move any items that are sitting on the side of the tub, wipe them down, move them inside of the tub and wipe surface underneath the items with a cloth that has been sprayed with a degreaser/mild alkaline solution. Put items back and spray bottom and sides of tub in front of you with a degreaser/solvent cleaning solution. Use sponge and wash bottom and sides and scrub any stubborn marks with blue side of sponge. Spray with degreaser/mild alkaline solution and wipe dry with cloth. Turn around to where the faucet is and do the same. If necessary use grout tile brush where the tile meets the tub.Polish up the faucet and make sure there is NO hair left in tub. Wipe the outside front of the bathtub  


Clean polished surface, free from chemicals and free of hair.
Plug/Faucet Scrub with sponge, and use grout tile brush to clean around edges then dry/polish up. Ensure is opened up, where applicable, and cleaned Clean free of hair etc,
Overflow Scrub well with wet cloth and dry. Fresh and clean


Wash well with MILD SOAP , dry and polish up with dry cloth.

Free from any water stains


Spray doors with solvent cleaning solution, use sponge and scrub
the inside of the doors. If the doors overlap try to move them. If that can’t
be done spray the solution on your cloth and put it around the grouttile brush
and get in between the doors moving up and down. The repeat same step with a
dry cloth. After glass is scrubbed, spray with degreaser/mild alkalinesolution
and dry and polish with clean cloth. If water not all water spots came off
spray again with degreaser/mild alkalinesolution and use razor blade. Clean
outside of glass following same steps. Wipe top of ledge.

Free from streaks and spots, shiny finish


Spray with solvent cleaning solution, wrap cloth around grout
tile brush and get inside crevice and brush. Then take tip of cloth and run it
through the crevice pushing dirt towards inside of shower and catch it with
another cloth. Wipe underneath the runner

Free from any mold and soap scum

Shower without a bathtub

Follow the steps starting with Tile/Stone, soap dish, bathtub,
shower doors and runners. Wipe ceiling and use stepstool if necessary. Wipe top
of ledge.



Bowl (inside and bend)

Spray disinfectant on top of lid of tank, front of tank, top of
lid, lift lid spray inside of lid, top of seat, underneath seat, front and
sides and bottoms of toilet and the tile on the sides of the toilet. If it is
paint or wallpaper make sure disinfectant doesnot damage the surface.

Use your toilet bowl brush and push water down as far as it goes
and put acid cleaning solution (make sure it does not drip onto the floor)
underneath the brim and on stained surfaces inside the toilet. Close lid and
start wiping the toilet from top to bottom. Wipe and polish handle. Use grout
brush to clean around the knobs and where the toilet meets the floor. Then open
the lid, take your toilet bowl brush and scrub underneath the brim down the
bend, and inside of toilet and flush. Put toilet bowl brush back in the
container inside your tray. If necessary use a Pumice stone to get rid of water
rings. Be careful, however, because Pumice can scratch some toilets.

Highly polished clean surfaces, free from any stains or build-up

The U-Bend Pipe

Wash pipe with cloth and dry.

As above

Toilet Roll Holder

Take toilet paper out and wipe and polish inside and outside of

As above

Light fixtures and bulbs.

Damp wipe lamps and light bulbs above mirror. Make sure Light
bulbs are COLD and TURNED OFF


Spray with glass cleaner, wipe with clean cloth and dry and
polish. Hairspray can be removed with a razorblade.

Clean, free from streaks and dust


DETERMINE WHATSTONE IT IS made out of or whether it is tile etc.
and use correct chemical


Drain inside Sink Bowl

Spray with degreaser/mildsolvent cleaning solution and wash with
soapy sponge.

Clean polished surface and wiped down items

Sink Bowl

Wash well with soapy sponge, rinse and polish up.

If it is free-standing, make sure you wipe underneath and bottom
of stand of bowl.

Clean polished surfaces


Scrub well with soapy sponge and dry.


Doors of Cupboards

Spray with degreaser/mildalkaline solution and wipe with cloth.
Use grout brush for crevices that have collected dirt. If needed, use oil


Medicine Cabinet

Clean front first, especially mirror. Follow steps for mirror.


Waste Bins

Wipe inside and outside with wet cloth that has disinfectant on
it. Dry and replace with clean garbagebag inside.

Fresh and clean


Determine which chemical has to be used


Floor/Tile/Stone mopping

Vacuum floor first. Then scrub with wet cloth turning it over so
that floor does not get streaked. Work your way out. Pay special attention to

Dust free round moldings


wipe baseboards off.

Clean, hair and dust free

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