By Anne Thompson, President HCA


How to Set up and Use a Cleaning Tray




Dedicate one side of the tray for bathroom/wet items and other
side for everything else.

Put a folded clean cloth inside each side of the tray and put
bottles etc. on top of it. This way the cloth can be replaced daily to help
keep the tray looking clean.

One Side:

Toilet bowl brush

Toilet bowl brush holder

Toilet bowl cleaner

Bottle of Disinfectant

Bottle Acid with Foam Nozzle

2 Sponges. One for the Bathroom the other for Kitchen etc.
Sponge (with blue scrubber)

Grout brush

Raizor Blade

Pumice Stone

The key here is to keep the Tray looking clean. Keep wet items
such as items for cleaning a bathroom away from the dry items. IMPORTANT make
sure a cloth is put underneath the tray to prevent acid or bleach from getting
onto the floor.


Other side:

Bottle of Furniture


Small Feather Duster

Lint Brush

Bottle of Glass Cleaner

Bottle of Degreaser (mild alkaline solution)

Bottle of Soft Scrub with Bleach


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